Andreas Angst

I was born in Zug, I am married, and I live at the scenic Lago Maggiore in the canton of Ticino. After a successful international career in the areas of supply chain, procurement, project management and brand protection involving much global travel I decided to change focus and offer my passion around vehicles, architecture and travel as service provider to a privileged clientele.

My services are primarily focused towards wealthy individuals or families in the canton of Ticino. My ambition is to help my clients in their everyday life delegating the more pedestrian tasks thus freeing up time that they can then spend with their families and friends or other activities.

I can respond individually to customer needs, I am independent and flexible in terms of time. My relationship with customers is based on trust, absolute discretion and secrecy but also mutual respect.


Personal knowhow

  • Extensive contribution to the design/planning/construction of my own property in Unterägeri ZG (featured in architecture magazin DAS EINFAMILIENHAUS 6/19)
  • Property developer of two villas in Vira TI, from expansion to completion including sale
  • Organisation and carrying out trips, in particular of an expedition to the Kilimanjaro in 2005
  • Nut-and-bolt restoration of a 1971 Porsche 911S as well as a 1966 Mercedes Pagode 230SL. Projekt management of a restoration project of a barn find 1939 Ökonom three-wheeler on behalf of the Albisbrunn ZH foundation
  • CH-importation of vintage cars/motorbikes and art
  • Dog owner
  • Perennial stay abroad (USA)

Professional compentencies

  • Organisation of global meetings
  • Project management of major projects
  • Negotiations
  • Used to dealing with diverse and different cultures (German, English, French, Italian)

Why reimiro

A visit to the Easter Islands with their impressive stone sculptures, the moai, was always on my bucketlist. Finally for the year end 2018/19 my wife and I took the time and travelled to this remote island. The history of the Isla de Pascua and the Rapanui people fascinated us. The Easter Islands have become a mystical place of power for us. I therefore decided to chose the name of the symbol on the Easter Islands flag, the reimiro, as the name for my company.